Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book for anything else?

No you don’t, everything happens on the day (apart from the Je Tol). Just turn up and grab a seat.


Does it cost anything?

No it doesn’t, its completely free. There is only one ceremony that you need to book tickets for and these will be sold during the workshop. It’s still free, it’s just that numbers are limited. Usually people make an offering to the senior monks, the amount being at your discretion. It usually sells out.


Don’t I need to book the personal pujas if they are just for me?

The times are on the program. Each day come to the Pavilion when the personal puja sessions are on. There are 7 monks and each session takes 15 minutes so nobody misses out on any day if you are there on time.


How do they work?

If either you, or you and your partner or your whole family are wrestling with an issue, perhaps health, or relationship or parenting. It doesn’t matter what it is. You tell the monk (through a translator) what issue it is you’d like their help with. They choose an appropriate blessing and will sit right with you for the 15 minute chant. You don’t need to do anything, but we suggest you just sit quietly and close your eyes and concentrate on what the issue is and the energy they are sending. These pujas are very powerful and don’t be surprised if you feel like crying.


How does the kids craft work?

Again, just turn up. A senior monk will teach the kids craft that the young monks learn in the monastery. It’s a huge amount of fun.


Can I give money to the monks?

The monks are here to teach but also to help raise awareness of their monastery and raise funds. You can make an offering of money to each monk for the personal pujas. There will be envelopes provided. You can make a donation in the donation box or you can buy a photo from the exhibition. Every dollar received goes directly to the monastery.


Do I need to take notes for the talks?

You can, they can be quite revealing as the Buddhist take on our day to day issues brings an entirely different perspective.


What about the daily morning and evening chant?

Do I need to chant as well?No you don’t, most people sit quietly with their eyes closed for the duration of the chant, which is ½ hour.


What happens with the monks and morning tea?

This is a program for the kids where the monks focus on mindfulness in the 4 different ways, being breathing, visualisation, movement and eating.


Is the Tibetan cocktail party open to everyone and do I need to dress up?

Yes it open to all and no, no need to dress up.


How about the closing ceremony, the sand dissolution?

This is the final day of the workshop where they sweep up the sand mandala they have been making and walk it down to the ocean. Everyone there gets a small amount of sand to take home as they believe the sand has powerful healing properties, generated from the 2 weeks spent making it.