Monks, Meditation and Morning Tea for Kids

In these session, the monks will try to instil a sense of focus in the kids. Its taught the traditional way through breath, visualisations and through movement and eating. This 45 minute session is broken in to achievable 10 mins slots where the children will eat, breathe, think about their favourite toy and do some basic Tibetan yoga.

Craft For Kids

One of the earliest things taught to the young children who join the monastery is Tibetan craft. The beauty is that you can’t go wrong, anything you produce will look amazing and the monks seem to be able to create a masterpiece out of just a few sheets of newspaper. These hands-on sessions are loads of fun for both kids and their parents who invariably end sitting alongside them and making their own works of art.

Meditation Classes

These clases will teach you both the analytical and contemplative styles of meditations that the monks practice. The first week will use the seven deadly sins and in each session you will meditate in both styles on a particular sin, such as greed or envy. By learning such focused meditation, you will find your understanding of these afflicting emotions is deepened and in the process, they will begin to disappear from your life. The second week we will meditate on issues of modern life such as anxiety and stress.

Morning and Evening Chanting

Spend a 1/2 hour sitting with the monks while they perform their morning meditation and chant. Its an incredible way to start and finish your day as their harmonic chant vibrates through your whole body and you find your cares and concerns simply melting away in these blissful sessions.

Personnal and Family Pujas

Pujas are chanting ceremonies which the monks believe can add significant energy towards an issue or problem you may be struggling with. In these 15 minute sessions, the monks will sit directly opposite you and chant a puja specifically for the issue you have requested. They are powerful sessions and very few people come away without feeling a remarkable change.

Public talks

Are you facing two impossible choices? Is there an issue which is troubling you? Do you need advice as to what to do next? Then consider having a Mo Reading with Rinpoche to get some divine guidance. Just ask your question and Rinpoche will meditate on it before casting his dice to consult with Mo. The answers that are given come from the Bodhisattva (or enlightened being)  of Wisdom. Rinpoche Tenzin Thupten will be available for Mo Readings each day in the same time slot as the family and Personal Pujas.

Mo Readings

Ageing without fear, surrender control, living consciously and dying well, who am “I”, making life count – these five talks will run for an hour and will give you a stunning insight into the ability of Buddhism to cut to the very core of these issues and present them in a way that makes them feel surmountable.

Tibetan Cleansing Ceremonies

Je Tol

This is primarily a special protection ceremony to eliminate the harms of spells and bad words which may be spoken due to the jealousy and bad thoughts of others. Body, speech and mind are harmed, suppressed and clouded by these words and thoughts and this ceremony frees, releases and purifies them.

Jab Thru

Through the three means of substance, mantra and meditation, you can wash, wipe and guard individual sufferings, elemental disturbance, disturbed dreams, harm received from the three harmful spirits above, below and in the middle and harm from those born ghost after death and harm from living ghosts.

Cleansing Ceremony For Bondi

In this ceremony, the environment, as well as the common physical and mental sufferings  (both subtle and gross) of human beings, celestial beings and animals are washed away through substance, mantra and mediation.

Karma Burning

This is a method to purify the causes and acts of losing your job, your wealth and your material possessions, or wasting them or getting viruses in the body from having over indulged in wealth or material success from past lives which were not your own.